“Nurse Sue” who helped motorcyclist after crash comes forward

Of all the people who stopped to help was a nurse who happened to be passing by. Burmeister told his wife she was central to his survival.
Witnesses described a terrible crash scene, where a nurse known only as Sue saved a man's life
Published: May. 10, 2022 at 5:08 PM CDT|Updated: May. 11, 2022 at 10:48 AM CDT
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DE PERE, Wis. (WBAY) - We now know the identity of “Nurse Sue.”

Action 2 News reported Tuesday about Jessie Burmeister’s wish to reconnect with a good Samaritan who helped save his life after a motorcycle crash this past weekend. He just knew her by the name “Nurse Sue.”

After we posted the story on our Facebook page, a commenter named Susie spoke up.

“I’m so glad you are doing well!!!! I’ve been praying for you. My name is Susie Bown. I work in the operating room at HFM Froedtert, Manitowoc. You remember me more heroic than I really was. I just held your hand and prayed with you. I could tell you were going to make it by the looks of your injuries and the great protective gear you were wearing. I’d love to hear of your recovery and the rest of your rescue story. God bless!”

Burmeister’s wife confirmed to reporter Kailin Schumacher that this is their “Nurse Sue.”

Burmeister had just passed his motorcycle class when he was pinned underneath a truck wheel and was dragged 500 feet on the highway.

“Just so that you can picture it, It went road, leg, motorcycle. And then the wheel of the truck. And Jesse was pinned in that,” witness Kayla Valdez said. “He told me he was beating on the hood of her car. He could hear every time she would rev the engine because she kept revving the engine trying to go faster”.

After a passerby flagged down the driver, the truck finally stopped. Onlookers say the scene was so bad, that they were surprised Burmeister was alive.

“It was so relieving to hear him scream because that meant he was like, And at the same time, it was so heartbreaking because you could just hear how much pain he was in,” Valdez said.

Looking back, he said his survival has a lot to do with the fact that he was wearing full garb, thanks to his class.

He said the people that helped afterward though, got him through the worst pain of his life. Of all the people who stopped to help was a nurse who just happened to be passing by. Burmeister told his wife she was central to his survival.

“There was a woman that apparently jumped out and her first reaction was to like, just cover him and like use her shirt to cover him so he couldn’t see his injuries,” Erin Burmeister, Jessie’s wife said. “He remembers that she said her in full name a few times. But he only remembers Sue. One of the other bystanders that was there remembered she also had said Sue, and that they thought she said she was an ER NURSE”.

While he doesn’t know much about her, he knows he owes her a thank you and is hoping to reconnect soon.

“He just wants to be able to connect with her and thank her for everything that she did and for being there for him and trying to save his life, um, because she had a really great impact on him,” Valdez said.

Jessie Burmeister was pinned underneath a truck wheel and dragged 500 feet on the highway.

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