Renovations coming to the Marshfield Municipal Airport

Major projects include reconstructing the main runway and moving their snow removal equipment building
Reconstruction of the runway and thew addition of new lighting are set to begin in 2025
Published: May. 9, 2022 at 7:22 PM CDT
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MARSHFIELD, Wis. (WSAW) - The Marshfield Municipal Airport will be making major renovations in the coming years to their property.

The airport, which has been around since the 1940′s, has been looking to make these major renovations for close to ten years. According to airport manager Jeff Gaier, the airport serves a function that everyone needs, even if they don’t use it for travel.

“An airport, even though a person themselves may not use it, directly impacts them,” said Gaier.

The airport has primarily been used for flight training but serves a variety of other purposes, including business flights, deliveries and medical transport. The last of those, in particular, is vital for the area, whether it be delivering patients or organs from donations.

“Everything is time-sensitive,” said Gaier. “You got to get those body parts out to the person before they go bad, so you want to get them out quickly.”

To help improve overall quality, one of the major renovations of emphasis is reconstructing the main runway, which was built in 1991. Gaier says that the runway has certainly seen its fair share of wear and tear.

“After so many years, it feels like speed bumps going down the runway,” said Gaier. “When you’re in a multi-million dollar jet or even a small private airplane, you don’t want to have these speed bumps to knock your landing gear off.”

Having the renovations can help save time, which is of the essence, especially in crisis medical situations.

“Having to transport people over to Central Wisconsin Airport, not that there’s anything wrong with Central Wisconsin Airport, but that’s 40 minutes of time that you’d lose when you get just take off here in Marshfield,” said Gaier.

The airport has worked with the Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics and the Federal Aviation Administration on what the best plan is for them. After considerations, they’ll be completely replacing the old runway, including adding new lights and extending the runway. It’s currently the minimum length at 5,000 feet.

One of the other major projects is moving the snow removal equipment into a different building. They’ll be relocating to the old terminal building which currently isn’t being used. Gaier says the larger space and better-heated building will help with the overall efficiency of snow removal.

“If there’s any water or snow, it’s like an automobile,” said Gaier. “You’re breaking distance goes up when there’s water and snow, so there’s a safety factor.”

Part of the process is making a new master plan for the airport, which Gaier says the airport hasn’t had since 1947. The FAA is requiring airlines to rework their master plans in advance of construction. Working with that, Gaier says construction on the new runway will begin in 2025.

These changes are something that Gaier says will have an impact on everyone in the area, even if they don’t directly see it.

“People fly in here to look at the area. Then, they establish a business. From there, they hire people and purchase goods,” said Gaier. “It’s all a trickle-down effect into everything that’s happening.”

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