Race car fuel making it more expensive for race car drivers to fuel their hobby

Racing fuel prices are up to $9 a gallon
Published: May. 30, 2022 at 10:01 PM CDT
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WISCONSIN RAPIDS, Wis. (WSAW) - Racing fuel prices are up to $9 a gallon, making it more expensive for race car drivers to fuel their hobby.

Hundreds of racers traveled to Golden Sands Speedway to compete in the Trickle 99 Memorial Day Race.

“With all the prices going up, the payouts are also going up,” said John Beale, a race car driver.

Inflation and fuel prices are making the sport more expensive.

“You know our race tires have increased. You know, race fuel has definitely increased along with regular fuel for their vehicles,” said Shannon Smiley, owner of Golden Sands Speedway.

John Beale has won the Trickle 99 each of the last 2 years. He said rising prices couldn’t stall his love for racing.

“It’s a lot of fun. It is a drug, it’s addicting, the rush you can’t get anywhere else,” said Beale.

Racing fuel is twice as much as regular gas, for a regular car, but Beale knows there’s nothing regular about racing and tries to keep it in perspective.

“Racing fuels $9 a gallon, which may seem high for everyone out there, but for us, it’s only a dollar above a gallon,” said Beale.

When you tack on the added gas to get from one track to another, the price can add up quickly.

“To fill up our hauler that is expensive, about a $1,000 to fill up the semi and the generators for the trailers. So it’s up there,” said Beale.

To try to offset the costs and keep the pit roads full, track owners are increasing the prize money.

“We’ll with inflation, a lot of the tracks are paying more money,” said Beale, “So today’s $5,000 to win. In our division, super late models, you get up to $30,000 to win.”

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