The Chippewa Valley Air Show returns to Eau Claire

Published: Jun. 4, 2022 at 9:29 PM CDT
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) - You may have heard or even seen planes soaring across the sky Saturday as performers with the Chippewa Valley Air Show took flight.

Back in town for the first time in four years, large crowds gathered at the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport for a day filled with sky-high views.

Brian Berseth was just one of many in attendance. He says he was glad to see all the planes and enjoy such a large community event.

“It’s nice to get out and to see the sun, to see the air show, and the airplanes after a long hiatus of COVID and everything,” Berseth said.

Aircraft of all kinds took to the sky.

There were stunt planes and jet teams and of course the crowd favorite, Blue Angels.

Berseth says what he was really looking forward to were some of the older planes like the C-47 Placid Lassie.

“It’s got a really colorful history and they used it on the invasion of Normandy on D-Day. So it’s just a beautiful plane to me,” Berseth said. “The F-16 and the P-51 fly-by were pretty cool, but I mostly come here for the old planes, just to see them. The new stuff is pretty cool, but the old stuff is when planes were really planes so it’s nice to see the old war birds.”

Berseth wasn’t the only one looking forward to seeing some of the older planes on display.

Young Michael Eaton likes World War II history and was looking forward to seeing planes from that era.

“I like thinking about them and how they fly and how some of them dropped paratroopers,” Michael said.

The air show also provides an opportunity for quality family time.

Michael’s dad, Rick, says even though the noise of some of the planes still comes as a shock to his sons, the air show is a fun experience to share together.

“It’s great, I’m excited to be here,” Rick said. “It’s been a while, we’re having a blast.”

Berseth says he and his wife enjoy going to air shows and hope to share the experience with their 2-year-old daughter one day.

“She’ll be a little older, so we’ll have to get earmuffs for her, and then hopefully she can come here and enjoy it with my wife and I,” Berseth said.

Sunday is the last day of the Chippewa Valley Air Show. Gates open at 8:30 am with the show starts at noon.

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