Published: Jun. 6, 2022 at 10:49 AM CDT
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I would like to nominate Travis Engel for the Sunshine Award.  Mr. Engel is someone who makes the world a better and more fun place.  He’s the Ag teacher and FFA Advisor at Owen-Withee High School and there honestly aren’t words to express the impact he has on kids.  My daughter, Kayla, was shy and scared to interact with people when she stepped into her first Ag class as a 7th grader.  Kayla’s dad wasn’t around at the time and Mr. Engel took Kayla under his wing and became a father figure to her.  The personal confidence, love for agriculture & FFA, and life guidance he’s given Kayla over the past six years is priceless and will stick with both Kayla and I for the rest of our lives.  Mr. Engel is one of the most selfless and gives everything of himself to his students and FFA kids.  He has become the guy so many kids turn to for personal problems they have because they know he genuinely cares about them.  There isn’t an award big enough to express how much Travis means to everyone in the Owen-Withee community and especially to his students and he absolutely is the sunshine in the lives of so many of us.  He’s so much more than a teacher and an FFA advisor.  He’s someone that gives a part of himself to every single person that knows him.  My daughter wouldn’t be the amazing person she’s become, both in and out of school, without Mr. Engel and that’s something I never will be able to thank him enough for.  He deserves the Sunshine Award.

Missy Gupta

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