Funeral for WWII vet held on the anniversary of D-Day

Published: Jun. 6, 2022 at 7:14 PM CDT
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BRUCE, Wis. (WEAU) - Monday marked the anniversary of the Normandy Landings during World War II, also known as D-Day and a funeral was held for a veteran who served on that day.

WWII vet Elmer Wisherd lived to be 101-years-old.

Friends, family, and fellow veterans gathered for his funeral at Bruce Cemetery to pay Wisherd one last homage.

Long-time friend Jim Edming says it was an honor to participate in Wisherd’s funeral and help give him a proper send-off.

“Very awesome just to see so many military personnel from Sawyer County and Chippewa County and Rusk County and all the different organizations and all the flags,” Edming said.

Wisherd was a part of the Army Air Corps and he participated in the D-Day invasion in 1944.

“He flew a C-47 over Normandy with one bullet hole in it,” Edming said.

78 years later on the same day, Wisherd was buried.

Doug Kueny who’s known Wisherd for 13 years says it’s a fitting tribute.

“You can’t plan that,” Kueny said. “You know, this it’s definitely divine intervention that came into play for Mr. Wisherd.”

Kueny describes Wisherd as not having a single bad bone in his body.

“He loved life and liked people and as it was, it was a sad moment when I heard of his passing. A great individual, a great friend, someone that touched my life forever,” Kueny said. “Elmer made me a better person, and I’m so thankful to him for that.”

Edming says his friend of over 60 years was a standup guy who touched the lives of many.

“He was on the school board when I was a kid in school, he was manager of the airport for a number of years, went around to speaking engagements and, you know, just really became part of the community and the community really respected him,” Edming said.

Edming says it was a privilege to have had Wisherd in his life.

“He was he’s a super guy. I’m not going to say was, he still is a super guy,” Edming said. “Just it’s truly an honor and a pleasure to have met him.”

Aside from family and friends, even people who didn’t know Wisherd well paid their respects at his funeral.

Wisherd’s friends say it was humbling to see all the people that came. They say that proves that Wisherd was honored in such high regard.

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