Published: Aug. 15, 2022 at 10:52 AM CDT
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I would like to nominate my wife, Paula Kitzberger, for the Sunshine Award. She works hard to earn extra money to support her family. She gives all of herself to everyone she meets. I have watched her forego her own needs to take care of her family, in-laws, friends, acquaintances, and even people she’s never met before. She has moved people with addiction issues and displaced teens into our home. I am in awe of the way she reaches out to others without thought. She has a soft heart for the young, the elderly, the disabled, and the addicted. She leads with her heart, supporting the underdog, and is a true inspiration to others. I am lucky to be her husband and especially lucky to see the way others light up when she walks in the room.

Tim Kitzberger

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