Fall Creek School District heads back to school on September 1st

Updated: Aug. 31, 2022 at 8:00 AM CDT
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FALL CREEK, Wis. (WEAU) - A new school year is an exciting time for students and staff.

Many have been educators for a long time and still get those first day of school butterflies.

The Fall Creek School District is gearing up to welcome students back for the 2022-2023 school year.

Over at the elementary school, Principal Ashley Mason says the staff is excited to have students back in the building.

“We work here all summer long and it’s kind of lonely here. So, when they all get in the building and they just are so excited to be here, we feed off of that, and our staff, you know, they get really nervous getting set for everything,” Mason said. “But once our students are here, we know we’re in the right place with the right people and it’s just that energy that comes back into our building that we’re thankful for.”

1st-grade teacher Joell Anders has been an educator for over two decades. When asked what keeps her passion burning, she simply said it’s the children.

“Being around young children, always, they have energy and make things fun,” Anders said. “And you always feel like a big kid when you’re around them and plus, when you are seeing the growth that they’re making in your classroom, it’s just very motivating and encouraging to see that every single year.”

For 4th-grade teacher Kris Jaenke, who’s entering his 20th year as an educator, being able to bond with a new group each year is one aspect that has kept him coming back.

“I think at heart, I’m a kid at heart,” Jaenke said. “So, just being able to meet new students every year and the energy, enthusiasm, and excitement of meeting them and meeting new families and working with them.”

Anders shares similar feelings.

“I think being able to meet different students, being able to be a part of that learning journey is so important and so exciting at the same time,” Anders said. “So every year it’s like a clean slate.”

Mason says it’s a warm feeling when students and staff return back to school.

“I think it’s really empowering to know that every year we get to make an impact on new students,” Mason said.

The teachers at Fall Creek Elementary say they also look forward to seeing their fellow school staff adding that sense of camaraderie makes the school year that much better.

The Crickets head in for the first day of school on September 1st.