Published: Sep. 12, 2022 at 2:30 PM CDT
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I would like to give a big shout-out and a thank you to the coaches of the La Crosse-Logan Rangers football team. I’m a disabled mom of a football player for Eau Claire Memorial. Thursday night (the bad rains and strong winds) when the stadium was cleared and everyone was told to go to their vehicles for safety, I was unable to do this as I was left alone. My husband had to run back home to grab something we had forgotten. I was able to get under an abandoned small canopy for some protection, but not from the wind. To top it off, my husband forgot his phone so I didn’t even have communication with him. My husband finally showed up and after searching was able to find me. By then the rain and wind was very bad. My husband helped me into the truck. He then tried to load my scooter to the back with no luck because the wind and rain were so strong. The scooter was falling off the ramps and onto him. That’s when your coaches jumped into action. They left the safety of their vehicles and helped my husband lift and secure the scooter. This was a great act of kindness and will not be forgotten. It didn’t matter that we were the opposing team, or that they didn’t know us, or that they could have been hurt in the process. They stepped up. I do not know the names of the men who helped but I thank them with all my heart. I am an Old Abes fan, but after that night I will also always be a La Crosse Logan fan. I wish I knew your names so I could give you the recognition you deserve and a big hug from this mom. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough but THANK YOU! Please give them the Sunshine Award.

Pam Cotton

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