Phoenix Rising Rescue and Rehabilitation holds fundraising event

Published: Oct. 1, 2022 at 7:40 PM CDT
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FALL CREEK, Wis. (WEAU) - More than five years ago, one Fall Creek couple added a rescue horse to their family. That experience led them to create their group to help other animals in need.

Community members came together at the Phoenix Rising Rescue and Rehabilitation came together to support an organization dedicated to rescuing horses.

“So, my wife and I have started Phoenix Rising Rescue in 2015. We started with our own horse that we had taken out of the slaughter pipeline and we saved it and we realized there was a pretty significant need for more rescues,” Matthew Stone, Owner of Phoenix Rising Rescue and Rehabilitation said. “So, we decided that we would start a rescue on our own.”

After adopting the horse, the couple heard about a foul that died from injuries and could not be saved at a rescue center in Minnesota.

“It affected my wife and myself considerably,” Stone said. “So, we decided that there is a bigger need and then that rescue was ending up closing. So, we ended up naming our rescue Phoenix Rising because of the baby filly. His name was Phoenix.”

Their nonprofit rehabilitates horses and when they’re ready, put the horses up for adoption.

“It’s just such a heartwarming place and seeing the progress of what they come in as and then what we can help them get to,” Natasia McDougall, volunteer at Phoenix Rising said.

McDougall said the need for their services never goes away.

“You always have new horses coming in that need your help and sometimes it’s just really easy,” McDougall said. “Just love them and they’re totally different.”

On Saturday, Phoenix Rising held its second annual fun show to raise money for the cause, so they can continue to help rescues in need.

“I don’t think people really realize how much money goes into everything that we do,” McDougall said. “So, without the influx of the grants and the donations and the sponsorships, we won’t be able to keep doing what we’re doing.”

Stone said he and his wife are passionate about rescuing animals and are hoping to help as many as they can.

More information about Phoenix Rising can be found on its website.