Chetek man to star in Outdoor Channel documentary

Published: May. 1, 2023 at 5:03 AM CDT
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Chetek, Wis. (WEAU) -A Chetek man never knew his love for the outdoors would bring him all the way to Alaska where he would be featured in an Outdoor Channel documentary.

Yet, when he heard about the chance to live in remote Alaska for 30 days where he would have to fish, hunt, and work to survive he said he was first in line.

“I just couldn’t resist and anyone that’s ever watched the outdoor show or watched National Geographic growing up this was a dream come true,” documentary star, Brent Whittenberger, said.

One of his first steps of survival was to build a shelter. When Whittenberger arrived on July 1, 2022 he decided to build a cabin in the middle of nowhere using materials shipped in from Seattle that had to be loaded onto a cod ship to get to the remote location.

With a background in construction, Whittenberger thought that task would be a cakewalk.

“It was as challenging and difficult as you could possibly imagine,’ Whittenberger said. “When you think about weather, and tides, and just the remoteness of everything.”

Luckily Whittenberger had a crew made up of a retired police officer, people from a resort he had connected with before the trip, and his dad to help him finish the project.

“I was there more to help on the inside to build the beds and help set up the kitchen area,” Brent’s dad, Russ Whittenberger, said.

Although his dad was surprised to see his son and himself as part of a documentary, he was not surprised that Whittenberger’s love for nature led to this experience.

“We camped a lot when the kids were young and yeah he would be out fishing all the time,” Russ Whittenberger said. “Typically still in his pajamas.”

When he wasn’t working on the cabin or fishing for food he found himself hiking and connecting with nature.

“I would say one of the most life changing things for me, besides being away from technology and everything, was being around the animals,” Whittenberger said. “I mean I got to stand ten feet away from wolves, I had, I don’t know how many bear encounters where I was, so close to them.”

Whittenberger said the experience brought him a new appreciation for nature.

“I hope that people understand what is out there and what we need to protect, and what we have in nature,” Whittenberger said. “It’s such an incredible thing it’s so fulfilling.”

Whittenberger’s documentary is called “Life On The Edge” and will be on the Outdoor Channel in September.

Whittenberger also did some photography on his trip to see those photos click here.