White Castle superfan ascends the Cravers Hall of Fame throne

Published: May. 25, 2023 at 5:38 AM CDT
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CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) -You might consider yourself a fan of White Castle, but you may think twice after meeting a Lake Wissota man who is now a Cravers Hall of Fame Inductee.

Levi Hunt was inducted into the White Castle Hall of Fame on Tuesday, May 16 and a week later he is still basking in the glory.

Every castle needs a king and 44-year-old Hunt is the king of White Castle merchandise.

“I have everything from a snow globe, to pillows, blankets, you name it,” Hunt said.

Every king needs a queen, so when Hunt found his queen he made sure she shared his love for White Castle and sealed the deal with White Castle themed engagement photos.

“We said, hey what do you think about doing some funny photos with White Castle as a backdrop and she was like, you know, she married the random weirdo she knew what she was in store for,” Hunt said

This dedication the Wisconsin King of White Castle has for the franchise stems from early memories of visiting the restaurant with his family.

“Ever since I was a young lad we would go to Chicago for thanksgiving, cause I still have family there…and it was kinda like a nostalgic thing for me we would only get it twice a year,” Hunt said.

Over the years Hunt proved his love of White Castle by sharing pictures on social media and by getting a tattoo. White Castle responded by sending him merchandise.

Then one day Hunt decided to go for the throne. He applied for Craver of the Year on the White Castle website. Hunt said it was a difficult process, but finally his hard work paid off when he was selected. He was flown out to the White Castle headquarters in Columbus, OH for the induction ceremony. There he met the White Castle team and got to see how the sliders were made. Yet, his favorite part wasn’t even White Castle.

“Meeting other people like me, you know,” Hunt said. “Just realizing that you’re not the only nerd in the world.”

Now Hunt is back at his own castle with his 3-year-old princess who enjoys playing with White Castle themed toys. For other super fans he offers these words of advice for pursuing the Cravers Hall of Fame.

“Keep trying, make sure your story is legit, and it’s definitely a feat,” Hunt said.

Hunt’s next mission is to bring a White Castle to the Chippewa Valley. He said the White Castle franchise is looking at the area, but people need to show the restaurant that they want it here.