Old Style Beer Returns to La Crosse, Wisconsin

Old Style returns to La Crosse
Old Style returns to La Crosse(COURTESY: PABST BREWING COMPANY)
Published: Aug. 9, 2023 at 2:15 PM CDT
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LA CROSSE, Wis. (PABST BREWING COMPANY PRESS RELEASE) - This November, Pabst Brewing Company is delighted to announce the triumphant return of Old Style beer production to its birthplace of La Crosse, Wisconsin after a 20 year hiatus. Old Style is currently brewed in Milwaukee, WI. To commemorate this occasion, a series of celebrations will be hosted throughout September and November. Notably, La Crosse area bars will exclusively feature custom Old Style tap handles, bar signs, pint glasses, and flags, enriching the local ambiance with a unique Old Style touch.

“We are thrilled to finally bring Old Style home” said Adam Powers, Brand Manager for Old Style beer. “We’re eager to reconnect with the community that nurtured the origins of Old Style, and hope these events will honor the deep history this beer has with the people and culture of La Crosse. It’s time to turn those Old Style signs right side up and cheers its return.”

A testament to the rich brewing legacy of La Crosse, the history of Old Style dates back to 1902. It was initially launched as Old Times Lager by G. Heileman’s Brewery, but was renamed Old Style Lager shortly afterwards. Overcoming the challenges of the Prohibition era, the brand emerged stronger, gaining popularity across states, and even earning a sponsorship with the Chicago Cubs (1950s - 2013).

The City of La Crosse warmly welcomes the return. “We are always excited to welcome businesses to our fair city and now we can proclaim an enthusiastic ‘cheers’ to a ‘comeback kid,’” said City of La Crosse Mayor Mitch Reynolds. “The homecoming of Old Style is a celebration of our brewing heritage and a testament to the timeless appeal of this beloved beer.”

“Old Style will be brewed at the City Brewery facility and we will embrace modern techniques while preserving the traditional craftsmanship that has defined Old Style for generations” said John Kimes SVP of Brewing Operations for Pabst Brewing Co. “The brewing operations team has decades of experience and is dedicated to ensuring that each sip delivers the same authentic taste and quality that patrons have come to love.”

The celebrations will kick-off with the World’s Largest Six-Pack Pub Crawl in La Crosse at the end of September during the city’s World Famous Oktoberfest celebration. To follow in November a special event will be hosted at the site of the World’s Largest Six-Pack, a national treasure and impressive beer storage system still in operation at City Brewery. Follow Old Style beer on Instagram and Facebook for dates and times for each event.

Old Style, boasting an ABV of 4.6%, is revered for its classic Pilsner profile: light in color and body, with medium aroma and bitterness, and a full-flavored yet delicate aftertaste. The return of Old Style to La Crosse not only symbolizes the revival of a legacy but also the enduring connection between the beer and its place of origin.