Volume One offers trolley tours of Eau Claire

Published: Aug. 18, 2023 at 3:27 PM CDT
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) - Starting Saturday, August 19th, a red trolley will hit the streets of Eau Claire to take passengers on a history tour of the city.

Keep your eyes peeled for the red trolley that will be hitting the streets tomorrow.

Volume One has teamed up with the Chippewa Valley Museum to provide trolley tours of Eau Claire.

The reason for the trolley is in the history.

“Most people from Eau Claire know that trolleys and streetcars ran down the streets of downtown Eau Claire from the 1880s to the 1930s. And to kind of give that experience, also giving historic tours and telling the story of Eau Claire.”, says George House, trolley driver.

According to House, the tour will be interactive.

“There will be a couple of opportunities where you’ll be able to get off the trolley and walk across a couple of our historic bridges, and then we pick you up on the other side and then we take you to other parts. We’ll see the old Uniroyal Tire Plant. Tell us a little bit about that historic buildings. We’re going to go to the through Third Ward and look at some of those historic homes. Talk a lot about the logging industry because that’s what really that’s the foundation. That’s what really built Eau Claire. And there will be a few surprises along the way.”, says House.

He says in this tour you will get the full trolley experience.

“The trolley is amazing. It was actually custom made for us from a trolley company in Crandon, Wisconsin, called hometown trolley, and they literally built it from the ground up. I mean, it is brand spanking new. Open air is our favorite feature, meaning you will you will enjoy the breezes of Eau Claire as you travel down the roads. Very comfortable seating brass railings. We have an authentic bell that we ring whenever we see anybody along the way.”, he adds.

He also says that these tours will teach even the ones who have lived in Eau Claire their whole lives and give them a new outlook on the city.

“I hope it’ll bring pride to the people of Eau Claire to know the rich history that they have in Eau Claire. Like I said before, even if you are a long live person from Eau Claire, you’re going to hear things about this city that you never knew about. I think it will be a point of pride to see the streetcar going up and down and the trolley going up and down the streets like they did in the 1880s.”, he adds.

And starting in September, the trolley will have brewery, wine, and cocktail tours as well as a family fun tour.

The Signature Eau Claire Trolley Tours begin tomorrow at 1 and 3pm. Tours will continue at those same times every Saturday as well as 6pm on Fridays. A Chippewa Falls Trolley Tour is set to open next year as well as an urban nature tour in Eau Claire.

Head to chippewarivertrolley.org for more information or tickets.