A Look Inside: 13 First Alert Weather

Published: Sep. 11, 2023 at 7:49 AM CDT
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) - Weather is constantly changing here in Western Wisconsin and keeping viewers informed is a top priority for the WEAU weather team. The goal of 13 First Alert Weather is to give you as much notice as possible about weather conditions so you can take action for you and your family.

“That is going to allow viewers to not only get that accurate and dependable forecast but now we’re going to give our viewers what we’re calling a First Alert to any incoming weather that can impact their day, their activities, whether they’re working or on vacation and that’s really the main difference,” says 13 First Alert Chief Meteorologist Darren Maier.

Weather models provide the foundation of weather forecasting. Darren says his weather team will use these models as a starting point to project the potential for any first alerts in the future.

“We’re going to be looking a little bit further out in the future to try and define weather systems that may play a significant role in our weather and that’s where we’re going to be talking a lot about First Alert but also First Alert weather days,” explains Maier.

Darren adds this not a way to hype the weather or the next “weather-maker”, rather the importance of making viewers weather aware.

“Those will be days that really standout with a potential for more significant, impactful weather to everybody here. And certainly those could be days where we’re talking about a blizzard or a tornado outbreak but it could be things that are not as severe, we could be talking about extreme heat, extreme cold, very heavy rain that could lead to flooding and impactful snow.”

Once a First Alert day is issued, you will see an “ALERT” sign on the 7-day forecast which will signify an alert has been issued for that day or days.

“Whether it’s two days out, three days out, maybe only a day out, those will largely be centered right here in the Eau Claire area, the Chippewa Valley. On weather alert days, our goal will be just to add more information that details exactly what we’re expecting. How the weather will impact everybody on that day and really just give more definition, basically what we do now but really branding it as a First Alert Weather Day.”