Published: Sep. 19, 2023 at 10:57 AM CDT
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I want to nominate Sally Proznik for the Sunshine Award. Since I have had serious medical issues over the past five years, my wife has been beside me to do everything and take on more responsibility than the traditional wedding vows ever mentioned or agreed to. Through thick and thin she has been there for me, and I have not been the most appreciative person, but I am trying. She has many obligations and responsibilities and I have just added more to weigh-down her sack. She deserves a lot of credit for taking on the role she has, for not only me, but others, yet she continues to focus on everyone else but herself. She deserves a thank you as well as the recognition this award can give. This is the only way for me to say thank you and tell the world that I love and appreciate her very much.

Bill Proznik

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