People’s Food Co-op Purchases Fayze’s Bakery

Published: Nov. 17, 2023 at 3:50 PM CST
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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) - Fans of the old Fayze’s Bakery that shut down October 8th will be able to get their sweet treats again.

People’s Food Co-op announced it has purchased the bakery and will produce the same baked goods for it’s locations in La Crosse and Rochester.

“We are really happy to now have Fayze’s as part of the PFC family. We wanted to do this because it is a beloved brand. The flavors and the history of the Fayze’s Bakery are part of something that La Crosse is really proud of,” says People’s Food Co-op CEO, Lizzy Haywood.

Haywood says the co-op has had a long standing relationship with the former owners of Fayze’s.

“People’s Food Co-op had been buying Fayze’s bread for many years and we already had a relationship with the owners, Drew and Kelsey Williams. After the closing of the bakery, we just got talking and started looking at whether this would make sense. Both parties felt like this is something that is really good for La Crosse and good for People’s Food Co-op,” says Haywood.

Haywood also says while the former restaurant will remain closed, the bakery will be operating under the Fayze’s name.

“The bakery part of that building on Fourth Street is going to continue, but not as a retail establishment. The bread will be sold here in La Crosse and at our store in Rochester, as well,” says Haywood.

Executive director of Downtown Main Street, Mary Larson, says the bakery was and still is an important piece to the community.

“We’re really excited that the buns are back. I think I can speak on behalf of the entire community when I say that this is a huge asset. We’re grateful to the People’s Food Co-op. Drew and Kelsey from Fayze’s are wonderful humans. Their restaurant was a staple in La Crosse, and this is a step in the right direction,” says Larson.

Larson says she has been a customer at Fayze’s since she was a child.

“We started going there after church when I was younger. Admittedly, I would normally be there for the baked goods. It’s probably means a lot more to this community then you could put a price on,” says Larson.

From buns to baguettes, Fayze’s baked goods will live on at People’s Food Co-op.

Currently, People’s Food Co-op is only making Fayze’s breads, but they say more goods from Fayze’s are on their way back soon.