UW students horrified after neo-Nazis march through Madison

UW Madison students were appalled to see neo-Nazis marching from State Street to the State Capitol and James Madison Park on Saturday.
Published: Nov. 18, 2023 at 10:32 PM CST
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - UW Madison students were appalled to see neo-Nazis marching from State Street to the State Capitol and James Madison Park on Saturday.

According to the Madison Police Department and witnesses, about 20 Neo-Nazis marched through Madison this afternoon, spreading hateful and anti-Semitic messaging while wearing red clothing, black face masks and holding black flags embroidered with white swastikas.

Two Jewish students on campus said they’ve never experienced this level of hatred directed at their community before.

“My stomach dropped, I felt disgusted, I was outraged, it was horrible,” Jordyn Grover said. ”I’ve never felt more disgusted in my life. Seeing all of these people that just genuinely want me dead.”

Instead of enjoying Badger game day, Grover avoided State Street when friends texted her warning her about the neo-Nazis marching through campus.

Grover said it’s devastating to see people participating and actively engaging in anti-Semitism.

”No other group should have to feel like they’re being targeted for their religion, what they look like,” she said. “But it’s always the Jewish people that have this target on their back.”

Ethan is another Jewish UW Madison student who was riding his bicycle by the State Capitol when the neo-Nazis stood silent, displayed the Nazi salute and then began a chant too horrific to repeat.

”My grandma actually fled Nazi Germany as a little girl, barely made it out and it’s just crazy that 80 years later we still have literal Nazis parading down our streets,” he said. “It’s pretty wild and disheartening.”

He and Grover said they want peace and to live without fear.

”We can’t allow this to become normalized in our society,” Ethan said. “Where people feel comfortable spewing hateful rhetoric on the street, even if it’s their First Amendment right, it’s completely unacceptable.”

”It’s a horrible feeling that I have to be cautious about this necklace that I’m wearing,” Grover said. “Anyone can attack me like this, but I’m not going to let that stop me from wearing it. I’m going to wear it proudly.”

Grover said people with Jewish friends and family should reach out to them, make sure they’re okay and ensure that anti-Semitic hatred should not be tolerated.

MPD said they were monitoring the march and said the neo-Nazis were in the city from noon to 2 p.m.

Senator Tammy Baldwin and UW Madison Chancellor Jennifer Mnookin both condemned the neo-Nazis actions on X today.

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