The Sakura Clinic
The Sakura Clinic(Morning Connection)

The Sakura Clinic

Address: 6045 Sandstone Rd, Eau Claire, WI 54701


About Us:

Our number one priority is YOU, our client. We hope you feel welcomed, respected and above all else taken care of while you are at Sakura.

Our staffs' number one priority is to help diminish any fears or concerns you may have about visiting a clinic for your skin care needs and or goals.

We treat our clients like our friends and family and you will feel that from the moment you stop through our front door.

Licensure. Education & Experience are a MUST and we ensure all of our practitioners have real education, real training and real experience. We will never make up non-existant titles or “fluff” experience.

We are here to help you along every step of your skin care goals and to ensure that you feel that you are our highest priority.

Let us help you become the very best you possible!

Cheers! Thank you for trusting us with your skin care needs!

Our Expertise

You can trust that any provider performing any treatment as been properly trained and certified in each treatment. We only allow Licensed Aestheticians & RNs to perform any skin care service as we feel it is important to have the educational background as the building blocks to be a responsible provider.

Our Commitment

We believe that being transparent and honest with our clients is a responsibility not a choice. We will never mislead a client as to our education, training or licensure. The world of esthetics can be a scary place for clients looking to trust their practitioner and we want to ensure our clients that your trust and safety are our highest priority. We invite clients to look up the licensure of any of our staff members and we provide the link below. We also have all licensure and certifications on hand at Sakura. We thank you for putting your trust in us with your most precious property- yourselves!