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Created: Dec 27, 2018

Job Title:
Social Worker
Job Status:
Full Time
Job Category:
Social Worker
1-3 Years
Durand, WI
Salary Type:
Job ID:
Micci Weiss
740 7th Ave West, PO BOX 39

Job Description

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of Children & Families? Consider joining our team.
Pepin County Department of Human Services is a small county agency, looking for caring, energetic team members looking to be their best.


To provide professional level duties to children and families, receive and investigate reports of child maltreatment, provide services and support to strengthen families in need, locate alternate care for children, perform ongoing service and case management services according to applicable standards and statutes. Child welfare professionals work cooperatively with other organizations, community service agencies, schools, courts, and law enforcement to accomplish the goals of safety, permanency and well-being for children and families. The work is performed under the supervision of the Social Work Supervisor.


This list of duties is not to be construed as all-inclusive and may be modified as need requires. Special duty assignments will occur.

1. Conduct child protective assessment in accordance with s. 48.981 to ensure safety and well-being of children and families and determine presence of maltreatment. Determines child’s safety within the family setting and takes required action to protect child. Collaborate with Corporation Counsel, District Attorney, law enforcement, and medical personnel.
2. Identifies through family assessment and case management individual needs which includes parenting, discipline, family functioning, substance use, daily functioning and safety of the child. Maintains safety plans to ensure child’s safety. Monitors family utilization of services, informs court of family’s compliance to court orders. Maintain ongoing contact with parents and family members in delivery of services.
3. Coordinates with staff, families, and providers to assess and develop goal oriented, time limited, family based service plans to meet identified needs. Explains the consequences of non-compliance with court orders to families.
4. Exercise powers and perform intake duties under WI Statutes 48.067 and 938.067. Provides intake services to individuals for the purpose of screening children taken into custody and not released under s.48.20 and 938.20. Interviews children taken into custody and other parties. Determine whether children remain in custody and location child held if not released.
5. Takes juveniles and children into custody under WI Statute 48.19, 48.193, 48.195 and 938.19, 938.355(6d).
6. Provides intake and ongoing case management duties for adolescents that are referred to the department for juvenile offenses.
7. Provide intake duties after hours on a rotating basis in compliance with 48.067 and 938.067. Provide mental health mobile crisis assessments after hours on a rotating basis.
8. Meet with families in their homes, office, school, jail, and public locations to provide assessments, supervision and ongoing services.
9. Coordinates families’ access to services, monitors services to ensure services are provided timely and meeting family/child’s needs, evaluates progress and terminates services when goals are met.
10. Maintains a compete record for all assigned cases; completes required written assessments and plans, court reports, client progress, and other related paperwork as required by statute, DCF and agency policy. Documents contacts and services, maintains files and data for reporting purposes.
11. Prepares timely reports for the court recommending a plan of rehabilitation, treatment, care and permanency in accordance with statute, juvenile court policy, State policy standards, and agency policy.
12. Recommend actions to Corporation Counsel and District Attorney including petitions, court order revisions, permanency plan hearings, termination of parental rights, and termination of orders. Attend court hearings, testify and prepare for court.
13. Assess and arranges needed safety services, out-of-home placements and other services. Provides and monitors services to foster parents. Assess out of home placements to determine if safe placement for child. Provide ongoing face to face contacts to out of home care providers and child.
14. Inform families of available community resources and how to independently gain access to needed services. Provides leadership to achieve active involvement and participation of the child, family, school, mental health provider and other community resources in resolving problems.
15. Supervise child and parents during family interactions when deemed necessary through safety evaluations and ongoing case management to ensure safety of child with parent and provide appropriate skill development.
16 Conduct Independent Living Skills assessment and arrange or provide appropriate services for eligible youth in out of home care.
17. Determine eligibility for Voluntary Kinship Care benefits. Maintain eligibility documentation, case records, and conduct home visit.
18. Develop and present public education information to the community and other organizations. Promote inter-agency cooperation with area law enforcement agencies, hospitals, schools, and collateral agencies.
19. Maintain working knowledge of program policies, laws, case management and reporting requirements. Attend and participate in training and professional development.
20. Participate in staff meetings, supervision times and other regularly scheduled meetings. Participate in collaborative efforts internally and outside of agency
21. Provides case management services for children with disabilities under the children with Long Term Support Wavier (CLTSW) and Children’s Community Options Program (CCOP).
22. Provides Mental Health and AODA case management services for children as part of the Western Region Recovery & Wellness Consortium.
23. Under the Direction of Supervisor this position may at times be required to work overtime hours or shifts.

Lead Social Worker:
Social Worker who has a minimum of six years of experience in a county human services social services unit and has the skill set needed to be the assigned lead of a social services program area.


1. Answer telephone, take and relay messages, data entry and keyboarding, provide information to callers and visitors, fax materials.
2. Photocopy materials.
3. Serve on area or State committees or boards related to social service programs or service delivery.


- Minimum Training and Experience Required to Perform Essential Job Functions - Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and WI Social Work Certification or Bachelor’s Degree in a Human Services related field with current WI SW Certification; or commitment to enroll in an accredited social work certification program within one year of hire, or Bachelor’s Degree in a Human Service related field with current WI SW certification.
- Three years’ experience in providing child protective services to children and families preferred.
- Valid motor vehicle operator’s license and/or available means of transportation required.

Physical and Mental Abilities Required to Perform Essential Job Functions Language Ability and Interpersonal Communication:

- Ability to analyze data information using established criteria, in order to determine consequences and to identify and select alternatives.
- Ability to compare, count, differentiate, measure, copy, record and transcribe data and information.
- Ability to classify, compute, tabulate, and categorize data.
- Ability to counsel, treat and mediate, and/or provide first line supervision.
- Ability to persuade, convince, and train others.
- Ability to advise and provide interpretation regarding the application of policies, procedures, and standards to specific situations.
- Ability to coordinate work of others in a group setting to accomplish tasks.
- Ability to utilize a variety of advisory data and information such as police reports, mental health assessments, criminal histories, billing statements, vouchers, budgets, referrals, a variety of forms, court documents/records, investigation reports, contact logs, client assessment reports, court schedules, service plans, court petitions, computer software operating manuals, statutes, procedures, guidelines and non-routine correspondence.
- Ability to communicate orally and in writing with clients, family members, foster parents, law enforcement, other service agencies, attorneys, judges, probation and parole personnel, state agency personnel, medical care providers, service providers and mental health professionals.
- Ability to communicate to diffuse escalating conversations and provide self-protection, communicate orally to elicit change in client behavior.
- Ability to resolve conflicts and negotiate with others by handling complaints, settling disputes, and resolving grievances.

Mathematical Ability:

- Ability to add and subtract, multiply and divide and calculate percentages, fractions, and decimals.
- Ability to interpret basic descriptive statistical reports.

Judgement and Situational Reasoning Ability:

- Ability to use functional reasoning in performing influence functions, such as supervising, managing, leading, teaching, organizing, prioritizing, directing and controlling, problem-solving and plan work.
- Ability to exercise the judgement, decisiveness and creativity required in situations involving the evaluation of information against sensory and/or judgmental criteria, as opposed to criteria which are clearly measurable.

Physical Requirements:

- Ability to operate, maneuver and/or steer equipment and machinery requiring simple but continuous adjustments such as motor vehicle, computer terminal, typewriter, telephone, fax machine, calculator, computer printer and photocopier.
- Ability to coordinate eyes, hands, feet and limbs in performing movements requiring moderate skill, such as typing.
- Ability to exert light physical effort in sedentary to light work, but which may involve some lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling.
- Ability to recognize and identify degrees of similarities or differences between characteristics of colors, shapes, sounds, and odors associated with job-related objects, materials, and tasks.

Environmental Adaptability:

- Ability to work under conditions which require exposure to environmental factors such as irate individuals, intimidation, odors, pets, traffic hazards, and disease. This exposure may cause some discomfort and presents a risk of injury.
This position consists of on call duties for both social service programs and mental health/AODA Crisis Intervention Qualifications include graduation from accredited college with a Social Work or related field. The candidate must be eligible for certification as a WI Social Worker.

The 2019 Wage scale for this position is:
$20.16-$27.96 per hour.
Wage negotiation in process for this position.

Application forms may be obtained at: www.co.pepin.wi.us or by contacting Pepin County Personnel Department at 715-672-8704.

Completed applications, cover letters and resumes should be emailed to mweiss@co.pepin.wi.us or mailed to Pepin County Personnel Department, Pepin County Government Center, PO Box 39, 740 Seventh Ave West, Durand, WI 54736
Application accepted until filled.

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