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Created: Dec 27, 2018

Job Title:
Disability Benefit Specialist
Job Status:
Full Time
Job Category:
Human Services
1-3 Years
Durand, WI and Alma, WI
Salary Type:
Job ID:
Micci Weiss
740 7th Ave West, PO BOX 39

Job Description

Do you have a passion to advocate for disabled adults, consider joining our team!
Pepin and Buffalo County Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) is looking for an energetic team member to assist members of our small communities in beautiful western Wisconsin as the Disability Benefit Specialist (DBS).

This position will serve as the primary service provider to assist disabled adults in gaining access to benefits, entitlement and legal rights.

2019 wage schedule $17.44 to $23.74.

Application forms may be obtained at:
www.co.pepin.wi.us or by contacting Pepin County Personnel Department at 715-672-8704. Applications accepted until filled. First review of applications January 4, 2019.


Performs case management assessment and financial counseling activities designed to encourage and assist disabled persons to obtain and keep governmental benefits and to help in obtaining other needed legal and consumer services. The goal of Disability Benefit Services is to achieve safe, independent living for customers through the identification and implementation of available financially stabilizing solutions and strategies. Serves as the community-level, front line, primary service provider of the Disability Benefit Specialist Program; to assist disabled adults (18-59) in gaining access to benefits, entitlements and legal rights; and to promote and preserve the autonomy, dignity, independence and financial security. The work is performed under the direction of the program attorney with supervision of the Aging and Disability Resource Center Director.


This list of duties is not to be construed as all-inclusive and may be modified as need requires. Special duty assignments will occur.

1. Offers information, counsel and assistance related to individual eligibility for, and problems with, public benefits and services to health care financing, insurance, housing and other financial and consumer concerns.
2. Assessing service needs, including case management and plans. Arranging, authorizing, and monitoring services including the client’s progress toward service achievement and the need to increase or decrease services. Counseling the client on the risks and benefits of different service options.
3. Provides services to address medical entitlements, insurance, non-covered health costs, income support, community-based services, housing and utilities, debt collection practices and finical exploitation.
4. Provides counsel in areas permitted by law for non-attorneys on issues involving rights, benefits, or entitlements.
5. Counsel on choices (advantages, risks, and responsibilities) related to services and programs that may address individual needs.
6. Performs case intake duties and interviews clients.
7. Refers and coordinates access to the public and private benefit system by offering advocacy, counsel and representation during client contacts provided in the home and in the office. Under the direction of the legal assistance provider, represents clients in appeals or disputes, including but not limited to, denials of eligibility or benefits of Medicaid, Medicare (Parts A, B, C and D), FoodShare, Energy Assistance, and denial of eligibility for disability benefits, denial of health insurance claims, problems with Social Security or SSI overpayments. Conducts research and investigations, prepares evidence and negotiates settlements within the boundaries of the program.
8. Provides advocacy and representation in matters which require review, waiver, reconsideration and /or hearings before an administrative law judge.
9. Drafts a variety of written correspondence including legal briefs.
10. Maintains current and thorough knowledge of public benefits and entitlement services and their rules, regulations and requirements. Attend conferences, workshops, seminars and other related trainings to keep current on changes in public entitlement programs for targeted population. Attends regional training and roundtable case discussions.
11. Performs computer data entry of client records and complies with federal and state reporting requirements applicable to the program. Maintains detailed records and generates reports as directed by the Federal, State and County governments and the Director.
12. Maintains client confidentiality and confidentiality of client information.
13. Provides direct application assistance to clients for obtaining and maintaining all public programs and private health insurance benefits.
14. Empower individuals to advocate on their own behalf.
15. Provides public education and / or training on issues affecting the rights, benefits, or entitlement of disabled individuals.
16. Assists in identifying benefits, entitlements, or reimbursements which involve health related problems that are of a quasi-legal nature. Examples would be medical paperwork, private health insurance and access to health services.
17. Performs advanced computer skills. Conducts research using the Internet and effectively communicates using email. Develops databases, spreadsheets, Power Point presentations, and word processing documents.
18. Develops informational material for the media, organizations, and the general public.
19. All other duties as assigned.


Environmental Adaptability:
 Ability to work under generally safe and comfortable conditions where exposure to environmental factors such as hazardous conditions or exposure to disease may cause discomfort, but poses little risk of injury, and is present only in unusual situations.

 Physical Requirements:
o Familiarity with State and Federal Aging/ADRC regulations preferred.
o Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships
o Organizational and time management skills needed to meet deadlines
o Accuracy and attention to detail
o Good written and oral communication

1. Bachelor of Arts or Science degree, preferably in a health or human services field or be licensed to practice as a registered nurse in Wisconsin.
2. Must have one (1) year of experience in a health or human service field working with elderly or adults with physical/developmental/intellectual disabilities.
3. Current knowledge of public benefits available to older persons in the areas of health care financing, income maintenance, home and community based services, consumer finance, and other elder law areas.
4. Ability to relate to and interview people.
5. Ability to work well with other people and show dedication to customer service.
6. Ability to gather facts, investigate problems and provide needed documentation.
7. Ability to deal effectively with governmental bureaucracies, persons with disabilities and family members, the legal system, and the general public.
8. Ability to work independently and use sound judgment and initiative.
9. Ability to communicate detailed/complex information to clients.
10. Ability to gather, analyze and evaluate information for clients.
11. Ability to research, analyze and resolve problems.
12. Ability to counsel and provide interpretation to others on how to apply policies, procedures and standards to specific situations.
13. Ability to use functional reasoning and apply rational judgment in performing diversified work activities
14. Ability to exercise the judgment, decisiveness and creativity required in situations involving the evaluation of information against sensory and/or judgmental criteria.

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