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All TV channels in the Eau Claire area are UHF. Viewers need UHF antenna for all of the stations in the Eau Claire area.

You will have reception problems if your antenna is VHF only. You must have an all channel or UHF antenna pointing at WEAU's tower North of Fairchild Wisconsin.

An outdoor UHF antenna pointing at WEAU’s Tower located near Fairchild, WI is the best way to receive WEAU over-the-air.

The following website is helpful to determine which stations you should be able to receive at your location and which direction to point your antenna:

Here are a few Pictures from Winegard showing different types of Antennas:
Click here for Winegard Direct's Website


If you must us an indoor antenna we have had good luck with the Winegard FV-HD30-FreeVision Indoor antenna. Do not use an amplifier with this antenna.

Indoor antennas:




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