4 P.M. INTERVIEW: Chippewa Valley Local Authors

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)— Dennis Miller, of Chippewa Valley Local Authors, talks about his new projects, including a film and a discussion about writing.
"What Happened to Brian?" is a backstage show at the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center on January 22 at 5:00 and 7:00 p.m.

"What happened to Brian?", asked a former Uniroyal Rubberhead from Eau Claire's closed tire plant, about the death of a fellow worker and friend.

The worst thing you can say about someone who's gone is nothing. Discover why many refer to a plant closing as a death in the family.

On the Nation Archives in Washington, D.C. it is written: "Heritage of the past is the seed that brings forth the Harvest of the Future."

In June of 1992 a great portion of our heritage ceased to operate. The Eau Claire tire plant had closed, and so ended the story of the last United States Rubber Company factory. During the 76 years of its operation, this plant had been referred to as the most modern tire plant in the world. For decades between Milwaukee and Superior it was the largest manufacturing facility in Wisconsin. Roughly 500 million tires were built here. Lined end to end, that many tires would go around the earth at the equator over 7 times. Then, at the time it closed, there were whispers - like rumors suggesting that our city, built on sawdust and sustained on a diet of lampblack, should have a Tire Museum.

Now Fast forward 25 years to June 26, 2017. The doors of the State theatre opened at 6PM for "Remembering Uniroyal, 25 years later."

The turn out was great. Hundreds came to remember. For the former Rubber Workers, it was a huge family reunion. But, amidst the homecoming atmosphere and laughter something was missing. Absent, were the whispers to construct a Tire Museum.

The story of our tire plant has gone full circle. Today, its past has become our history. Hence, more than remember, it is time for us to honor our heritage. We need to build our Tire Museum, and like a seed, let it grow to inspire others to harvest their goals and dreams.
Why to Write
Counting Our Blessings (by Dennis Miller)
Saturday, February 10
1:00 p.m.

Writers call them benchmarks - those important moments that transform your life. To Dennis Miller, the author of 12 books and the producer of 7 films, they are blessings. Learn why as he celebrates 30 years of writing by sharing those precious moments behind his life and books with you.

Following the discussion, stay and watch the premiere of the film "What Happened to Brian?" based on a live readers theater production by Dennis Miller. "What happened to Brian?" is a film about the death of a fellow worker and friend at the now closed Uniroyal tire plant in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.