4H members show off their animals at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair

CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) -- Wednesday is the big day; the Northern Wisconsin State Fair is kicking off in Chippewa Falls. That means it’s time to get ready for rides, food, entertainment and of course all of the animals.

The barns are full of animals as the judging started on Tuesday. The 4H members and the FFA members will continue to show their animals on Wednesday. "I've been doing this since I can do it,” said Julia Lyons from New Auburn. Dozens of kids are spending the week showing off their animals that they have been working with for months. "Some of it is hard work, some of it's just fun,” said Brock Krumenauer from Chippewa Falls.

They all have a different reason for spending countless hours working with their animals, but for some the reason is simple. "I love cows and they are just amazing,” Lyons said. “It's fun because one, I get to be around a lot of other kids that are a lot like me and two, I get to spend time with my animals and show them off,” said Levi Lindsay from the Cadott FFA.

They spent the early morning hours on Tuesday getting their animals prepared. "You need to wash your pigs, brush them off, I clipped them which is shaving them,” Krumenauer said. “On their heads, they don't have any hair so we clip them which means we shave their heads and necks to make them look smaller so their whole body looks bigger,” said Emily Elmhorst from Woodmohr 4H.

But no matter how they get prepared for the fair, they all agree on one thing, it’s a lot of hard work. "You pretty much have to work with them every single day and feed them morning and night and make sure their water is good, morning and night,” said Faith Bowe from Duncan Creek 4H. "He got a lot of time out into him like over 100 hours I've spent with him,” Elmhorst said.

But most of the kids also agree the hard work is well worth it in the end. "For me, it's the experience and getting to know that you can do this on your own,” Lyons added. They not only love to show off their animals but encourage others their age to join in the fun. “If you are interested in showing pigs, or beef or dairy or sheep or goats, I say go for it, it's so fun,” said Kristine Felmlee, from the Jim Town Jumpers 4H.