Ag Chat with Bob Bosold - July 12

ALTOONA, Wis. (WEAU) -- The ballots have all been counted from the cranberry growers vote earlier this spring on whether or not to continue their federal marketing order program. And 79% of the votes were in favor of continuing the program that funds research, marketing, market development and advertising for cranberries. That order covers growers in 9 states, including Wisconsin, which is by far the largest cranberry growing state in the country.

In other cranberry news, the USDA has issued a rule that will limit what growers can sell during the current marketing year. Officials hope such a move will improve prices by removing as many as 2 million barrels of cranberries from the market. The rule will let growers sell 75% of their historical sales volume, with the rest of the crop donated to food pantries or other charities. The rule affects growers in the 10 leading cranberry producing states.

Yesterday’ USDA Crop Report showed no huge surprises in the numbers. Economists now say this year’s average corn yield will be 166 bushels an acre with overall production at 13.88 billion bushels. For soybeans the new estimates are a crop totaling 3.85 billion bushels on yields of 48 and a half bushels per acre. For ending stocks numbers, that would leave corn at just over 2 billion bushels and soybeans at 795 million. But all those numbers are at least slightly in question since they are based off the June plantings report which is being reassessed and is scheduled to be revised in the August USDA report.

It was a busy day at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair yesterday. Junior dairy exhibitors started the day and when it was over, Jacob Maier of the Jim Town Jumpers 4-H club had the Grand champion dairy animal with Zoey Potts of Howard Wheaton showing the reserve champion. Jacob also won the award as best dairy exhibitor at this year’s fair. Rachel Umtwiedt of the Lake Holcombe FFA was the senior showmanship winner and Autumn Pawlak (Pavluk) of the Chippewa Falls FFA received the Tom Hanke Sportsmanship award. At last night’s market animal sale, the grand champion lamb brought $8 a pound with the reserve bringing $4, the champion hog sold for $4.25 with the reserve going for $6.25. And the champion beef steer sold for $3.25 a pound with the reserve getting $3.