Ag Chat with Scott Schultz - June 25

ALTOONA, Wis. (WEAU)- The U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement was on the agenda when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met last week with President Donald Trump in Washington D.C. Mexico last week ratified the USMCA; the U.S. and Canada still need to ratify the agreement. Trump said the U.S. ratification is up to the Democrats in Congress - saying he believes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants it ratified, and that the Senate will quickly ratify it. Trudeau also met with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Pelosi to discuss passage of the USMCA.
In another trade matter, President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping have agreed to meet during the upcoming G20 Summit in Japan. Trump and Xi spoke on the phone last week, and Trump called it a good conversation. He said China would like to make a deal and his administration would like to make a deal, but that it has to be a good deal for everybody. Before trade negotiations broke down last month, USDA Deputy Secretary Steve Censky told the Red River Farm Network that the U.S. and China were very close to making a deal.

Chickens caught from Oakwood Mall's parking lot

Wisconsin's chicken production was down during May, but the egg production was up when compared with production during May of 2018 and April of this year. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is reporting that there were 185 million eggs produced during the state in May - an 8 percent increase compared with April's production and a 2 percent increase compared with May of 2018. The number of layers was slightly more than 7 million - a 1 percent decrease compared with April and a 6 percent decrease compared with May of 2018. The number of eggs produced per 100 hens was 2,607 in May - a 9 percent increase compared with April and an 8 percent increase compared with May of 2018.

The Wisconsin Dairy Task Force 2.0 voted unanimously to adopt their final report at a meeting last week in Madison 51 recommendations approved by the group at previous meetings. Dairy Task Force 2.0 chairman Dr. Mark Stephenson compiled the 51-page report. Besides the 51 recommendations, the report provides information about milk production, milk price volatility, and changing farm structure across the country.