Ag Chat with Scott Schultz- January 21

ALTOONA, Wis. (WEAU) -- Wisconsin Farm Technology Days is seeking a new general manager, even though the current general manager won't be retiring for a couple of years. The organization's board has announced that they want to find Matt Glewen's replacement, with the intention of that person working with Glewen before his retirement. The general manager works with county committees to organize each year's show; the GM also deals with the Farm Technology Days bookkeeping, communications and board-meeting planning. The general manager-in-waiting will start June 1. Information about the position is available at Applications will be accepted through Feb. 15; interviews will be held in March. The 2020 Farm Technology Days will be July 21-23 at Huntsinger Farms just west of Eau Claire.

The event will feature a vintage equipment display that will show how wheat was harvested and processed in the 1950s.

The art of cheese will be celebrated this summer in Madison. Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin officials announced yesterday - National Cheese Lovers' Day - that the first Art of Cheese Festival will be Aug. 14-16. The festival will feature a wide range of cheese-focused activities, from cheese-making and cooking classes to dairy tours, cheese-pairings, a cheese ball, and a four-course dinner featuring many cheeses. Information is available at

The level of small refiner exemptions requested relative to the renewable fuel standard have increased again. The EPA data shows that, as of January 16, there 21 pending requests for SREs. This comes as the EPA has indicated they would shift the way they address the SREs in the final rule for the RFS levels for 2020 biofuels and 2021 biodiesel.