Avoiding electronic frostbite

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Chilly weather and technology rarely go hand in hand, but how do we continue to stay connected in the frigid temps? Louis Hoeser with AT&T joined Tyler Mickelson to give helpful tips and information on taking good care of your device and avoiding electronic frostbite this winter! His main talking points are below, or to learn more watch the video above!

1. Cold weather means screens and internal components can become more brittle and fragile, so dropping a phone or tablet could be even more dangerous in the winter than other times of year. Make sure you have a protective case on your device, and don’t take it off, especially outside in the cold.

2. Smartphones actually stop working around -40°F, and some at even warmer temperatures. Even moderately cold winter temperatures can make your phone or device seem sluggish. Don’t be alarmed, but try not to use your device in very cold temperatures.

3. Keep your device in a pocket close to your body if possible when you’re outside for a while, and protect it from snow or other precipitation. If you need to take a call outside, use your earpiece or headphone controller to answer and keep the phone sheltered and warm in your pocket.

4. Don’t leave devices overnight (or for long periods) in a car in cold weather. Exposure to very cold temperatures can permanently damage components.

5. If your device has gotten cold outside, let your phone warm up to room temperature before using; otherwise you risk condensation forming inside the device if it heats up quickly after coming inside from the cold.