Bill Rands

Bill Rands, the owner of Rands Trucking, does a lot of outstanding good deeds. He helps the schools and community in many ways that the community is unaware of. He looks out for his employees. In 2005 our house burnt down and Mr. Rands helped us with finances and gave us a used mobile home to live in. A past employee living in West Virginia fell upon hard times and needed a job and Mr. Rands sent someone to go pick him up and then gave him a job. Mr. Rands shows his appreciation to all his employees. On birthdays they receive birthday cards, gift cards, and a birthday cake!!!! At Christmas they get bonuses. Often he takes employees out to dinner with his family if a truck driver is in town he takes them too!! He is a very generous boss!! Bill also does a youth hunt for children who are terminally ill. Like I stated previously, he does so many things for people and that is why we think Bill Rands should receive the Sunshine Award!! Thank you
Scott & Debra Kralicek