Campers reflect on their life-changing experience at Camp Wabi

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- As summer approaches, many parents are debating which camp to send their kids to. While there's no right or wrong answer, Hello Wisconsin took an in-depth look at Camp Wabi, a gathering in New Auburn that's helping kids live healthier and happier.
Few families know it better, than the Reedy family.

"She was beaming. She just looked so confident, and so happy," Stacy Reedy said as she described what it was like picking up her daughter from camp for the first time.

Stacy’s daughter, Abby, and son, Ethan, have both attended the camp. Safe to say, they enjoyed their time there.

"We learned about the goal making process, where you have an idea and you're like, oh, I could do this! And, you could relapse at any time, which is going back a little bit, but it's a whole journey and eventually you get there," Abby said.

Ethan added, "I would go again, yeah, to get more information and just for the hobbies."

Camp Wabi offers campers dozens of outdoor activities to try, but also serves a bigger purpose.

Joni Gilles, Camp Wabi Director, explained, "We play games, we have fun activities, and once a day we have a lesson, and the lesson is geared towards healthy lifestyle habits."

The hope is, campers remember those habits, and utilize them at home once camp is over.

To learn more about Camp Wabi, watch the video above.

Hello Wisconsin’s Tyler Mickelson also talked to a Camp Wabi chef live on the morning show. That interview is also available in this story.