Candy Meeker

My mother, Candy Meeker, is a mother of four and a wonderful grandmother of two girls. Candy works at the Thorp Elementary and High School in Thorp where she is a cook. She has been working there for eight years and she feeds 450 students at school. Let’s go back in time when Candy was a waitress at Thorpedo Restaurant in Thorp. She worked there for 30 years. That’s where she met her sweet heart, Jeff. They have been married for 34 wonderful years. Candy is so dedicated to her job and the children that she feeds. Candy also enjoys cooking out of school. When Candy attends the concerts at school all the children just wave and smile from ear to ear and tell her how wonderful and yummy the food is. They tell her that they will see her the next day. One day I asked some of the children what they thought of Candy and the children said she makes good food and she is so nice. That warms my heart to hear that from them. Being a cook, you have to be on your feet at all times. It’s a lot of work. I don’t know how she does it but I know she pushes herself to make sure the job is done right. Her boss recently has been battling cancer so it has been pretty hard without her being at work. My mom stepped up and decided she would do all the work. Her boss will be going back soon.
Mother, you’re such an amazing woman, mom, and grandma. I am just so proud of you that you take your job serious and you love it. I want you to receive the Sunshine Award because you are such a hard working cook and you deserve it. My mother is a very positive person and encourages others around her.
Kayla Dietrich