Celebrating our cheese heritage with classic recipes

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)- Wisconsin's dairy heritage dates back generations and is rooted in European traditions. Today, Wisconsin leads the nation in dairy innovation and has distinguished itself over the past two decades by winning more cheese awards than any other state or country. In fact, Wisconsin Dairy generates 43.5% of the state's total agriculture activity. 90 percent of Wisconsin milk is devoted to cheesemaking. Wisconsin crafts more varieties, types and styles of cheese than anywhere else on earth and holds a 48% share of the nation's specialty cheese category. Today we are celebrating with award winning cheeses.

As history would have it, a delicacy for historic mealtimes was the apple pie topped with cheddar. We think our ancestors were onto pairing perfection. The sweet and savory flavor of the apple paired with Wisconsin cheddar gives your taste buds a savory-sweet nutty combination.

Today's featured recipes:

Aged Cheddar, Apple and Bacon Crostini: Indulge in this cheddar, balanced with sharp flavor and a creamy texture. Aged cheddar simply paired with crunchy apples, sweet maple syrup and crisp bacon is a culinary delight. Aged cheddar likes to be eaten with a little sticky sweetness, so we often serve it with a homemade jam, chutney or honey-this recipe we use maple syrup. YUM!

Autumn Apple Cheeseboard: Celebrate harvest season with this classic pairing of Wisconsin cheeses and apples. Specialty cheeses such as these decadent cheddars and melt-in-your-mouth Creama Kasa® elevate the tasting experience. In Wisconsin, legend has it that a law existed a long time ago that made it illegal to serve apple pie without a slice of cheddar cheese. Now unfortunately this is no longer the case, but it is our inspiration for Apple Harvest Cheeseboard.

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