Dan and Amanda Nowobielski

I would like to nominate Dan and Amanda Nowobielski for the Sunshine Award. This is my sister and brother in law. They are amazing people and parents of four children. They are the most helpful people I know. I had a baby a week ago and they watched my 1 1/2 year old daughter while we were in the hospital. They are always willing to help others. They recently had a very dear friend get diagnosed with a very rare, quick growing, and non-curable cancer. He and his wife have been in and out of hospitals trying to find something that works. My sister and her husband have taken in their friends’ five children as they are their own when needed and while their friend and his wife are in the hospital. I feel that these two need more recognition for the things that they do for others than just a thank you. They deserve to know just how much they mean to everyone and how much their helping others means. I just want them to know how appreciated they are!

Samantha Anderson