Dave Ming

Have you met a guy who is kind and true? A guy who greets you every time he sees you? We are not talking about the greeter at Walmart. We are talking about our custodian at Northwoods Elementary School, Mr. Dave. He is responsible and brave. We think he is the greatest custodian in the universe!
To begin with, Mr. Dave is responsible. We are talking gold medal responsible! Mr. Dave is not afraid to clean the whole building, including all of the classrooms. When he comes in and he thinks it’s just a normal day, he may have forgotten that it’s Halloween party day! Oh, the trash! Oh, the mess! It’s not just the class rooms, it’s also the cafeteria, the kitchen, the library, the gym, the art room, and the offices. That is A LOT of rooms! There is also the roof. He has to go way up there and get down all the balls. Next, when it is snowing Mr. Dave has to go out and do all of the shoveling by his self with no help! The temperatures are wwaaayyy below zero, his teeth are chattering, and he still has to shovel! Sometimes it snows even when it’s not predicted. Mr. Dave has to take care of all that snow. Even the roof needs to be cleared off in the winter. Mr. Dave also comes in early and stays late. When you are in your warm, cozy bed sleeping, Mr. Dave is up early at 5:00 am to clean. He must be as tired as a sloth. Mr. Dave also fills in when there is no night sub for Mr. Chris. That means he works about 12 hours in one day!
In addition, Mr. Dave is brave. When kids are sick at school, he has to clean up that whole mess. That smell can make anyone sick! When that mess doesn’t come from you, it’s even harder to clean up, which can make YOU sick. Then he is brave for cleaning the toilets. Sometimes when he thinks he is just cleaning, he might have to plunge them. Imagine the surprises he finds in some of them! Mr. Dave is so brave that he also has to work with electricity. That can be scary! He is also brave when he has to get balls on the roof. That is SUPER high up! Another way Mr. Dave is brave is when the alarm goes off and he has to fix it. That alarm is terrifying! It sounds like the sirens of an ambulance and firetruck combined.
You might be thinking Mr. Dave is a plain, old, ordinary custodian. Not to us! We think this kind, responsible, and brave guy is the greatest! He deserves the Sunshine Award!

Written by Mrs. Bauer's Third Grade Class
(a.k.a. “The Bauer Bunch”)
Northwoods Elementary School