Doug Verdegan, Brad Lehmann and Doug's Plumbing & Heating

I would like to nominate Doug Verdegan and Brad Lehmann of Doug’s Plumbing and Heating of Tony, WI for the Sunshine Award. Being in the woods of northwestern Wisconsin, it becomes a real challenge to find quality contractors for heating and plumbing repairs. Our furnace decided to stop working on the opening morning of hunting season. The furnace was quite old and was pieced together over the years and so it was not practical to do repairs on anymore due to its condition. After having a contractor and a state agency community action program furnace replacement program looking at the unit as well and refusing to do anything to assist us, we contacted Doug Verdegan of Doug’s Plumbing and Heating to help us out.
After explaining the situation to Doug and having been without any heat other than two space heaters for a few days, he came out to the residence and assessed the situation to get the furnace replaced. The replacement required modifying existing duct work, installing a new furnace, and changing of the fuel supply line to the furnace. Within 48 hours both Doug and another of his employees, Brad Lehmann, were out at the residence completing the project. It was quite a project and was done in a neat, very professional, and timely manner and we are glad to have a heating system that we can rely on for years to come.
It is very difficult in this day and age. It is very rare to find qualified professionals that provide great customer service and support for their customers. So, I therefore would like to nominate Doug and Brad for the Sunshine Award.
Lucas Mikkelsen