Dr. Sandeep Basu and the Mayo Cancer Clinic

I'd like to nominate Dr. Sandeep Basu and the nursing staff of the Cancer Center at Mayo Clinic in Eau Claire for the Sunshine Award. I've seen first-hand their passion for caring and treating patients, one being my father. They all take the time to really listen to your questions and concerns and make you feel comfortable and confident in their decisions and treatments. They are all so caring, kind, and fun! They joke around with the whole family and try to make every appointment there as enjoyable as it can be - even the Packer fans (Dawn)! Ha! This group deserves to be acknowledged and recognized for all they do - all day, every day! This truly is a great group and a prime example of compassion, caring and kindness!! I'm sure they have touched many lives and I will always be grateful for everything they have done and continue to do for my family!

Michelle Moen