Eau Claire County Humane Association says it needs more space

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- A local animal shelter says it needs more space.

The Eau Claire County Humane Association, is a small building but inside there are lots of animals. "We moved in here around 1998, 1999 so it hasn’t been too long but our growth has been pretty steady since then," said Shelley Janke, Executive Director.

There are currently more than 200 animals available for adoption. "It fluctuates daily, depending on what our intakes are, depending on what our adoptions are...are average we've seen anywhere between 2000 and 2500 animals come through our door on a yearly basis," said Janke.

They don't turn animals away so the limited space in the building make things stressful for staff and volunteers. "We work with animal control, we work with all the municipalities, and so we get cases all the time where it’s unexpected. You don’t know what animal is going to come in,” said Janke.

Janke says they always have space designated for emergency cases but it gets crowded and sometimes they have to get creative to ensure all animals have a spot and are cared for safely.

Part of being creative with space involves keeping some of the animals in hallways and even the lobby. The front lobby currently houses some kittens and rabbits up for adoption. Janke says ideally, the lobby isn’t the best place because of the constant traffic but is the only way they can accommodate the demand.

Janke says plans for a new facility are in the works. "We will eventually build a new building, we're kind of in the infancy stages of that, we're kind of planning at this point but we know the need is there,” said Janke.

Pet adoption is encouraged and donations are always accepted if community members wish to help out.