Ed Sumner

I would like to nominate Ed Sumner for the Sunshine Award. On the weekend of June 22-24, my daughter’s softball team played in the Eau Claire Fastpitch softball tournament in Eau Claire. Ed was one of two umpires for three of their five games. Being an umpire is often a very thankless job but Ed was clearly enjoying every minute of it. He was giving first pumps and high fives as well as compliments like “You’re a great player” and “Score big” while our team and their opponents were playing both defense and offense. As a parent, I am thankful to the smiles he gave all the players on our team. There is a priceless value in being a role model the can respect and enjoy all at the same time. They will look forward to him being their umpire for many games in the future! Thank you, Ed, for bringing sunshine to our hearts and making the game our daughters love even more fun!
Dawn Barone and the Hallie Storm 14U Softball Team