Emily Breidenbach

Published: Aug. 29, 2019 at 11:04 AM CDT
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I really think Emily Breidenbach, of the Chetek Police Department, should get a Sunshine Award. She has been an amazing person. Emily always tries to stop and shoot the breeze with you or if she is sitting, watching the traffic, she will take time out and chat and I think that is really neat of her. If I am in a down mood, Emily always has a way of cheering you up with her smile or her bubbly, cheerful mood. If I ever have questions on something she always has an answer. I want to thank Emily for the friendship as well as all the help and chats. I feel that if I ever need to go and talk to someone when I need help she would be the one that I would feel the most comfortable with. Emily always makes it easy to be yourself and she makes you feel like you’re not just another person in the world. I want to thank her for everything she is doing for not only me, but for the whole community.

Tessa Anderson




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