Fitness Friday: Staying fit on vacation

SIESTA BEACH, Fl. (WEAU) - Escaping the snow and bitter cold has been on many people's minds! As many spring breaks approach, maybe you're thinking of heading to a warm sandy beach? While vacationing is great and relaxing, you don't want to get out of routine too much, especially when it comes to working out.

We check in with Kim Larsen from, kimbentley fitness, who is on a beach right now, for tips to use while you're gone.

It's the beginning of March and who isn't thinking about being somewhere on a beach this time of year?? But you know who is? Kim Larsen.

She’s here to whip you into shape if you're thinking about spending some time in the sand because let's face it: working out on vacation isn't always top of mind.

Kim's top 3 tips start with planning ahead by planning your gear. Number 2: check out your resort or area ahead of time.

“See if they have fitness facility, see if they have classes,” Kim said.

And Number 3: Get your workout in early! Kim says, if you don't do it right away, you might not do it at all.

If you find yourself stuck in your room, Kim says to go to YouTube or Pinterest and follow along with a quick program.

She adds, working out makes you feel good, and who doesn't want to feel good on vacation? Besides, she says there's nothing worse than preparing for vacation just to come back