Jolene Van Riper and Heather Weissinger

Without Jolene Van Riper and Heather Weissinger, our travel coordinators for all of Marten Transport, none of our new hires would make it in to start their new career. They each help us to ensure we can complete our jobs as a recruiter. Without them my job would not be possible. They both always help me with all the questions I have and guide me on how I can make travel possible for my drivers. Also, they organize the travel for the rest of the company so they ensure the trainers go where they are needed. They also ensure we can all do our jobs to the best we can. They are the reason I can say I am able to make some dreams happen and owe them a huge thank you for all they do for us. I don’t think they know how important they really are. Please give them a Sunshine Award.
Shaunna Tello