Karen High, Lincoln Weiss, and Jessica Prissel

I would like to nominate Karen High, Lincoln Weiss, and Jessica Prissel for the Sunshine Award.

Karen High has recently become a great-grandma again. She stayed up over 24 hours in the delivery room with Amanda. I am very grateful for Karen and her support. Thank you again, Karen, for your support. Kaiser is lucky to have such an amazing great-grandma.

Lincoln Weiss has just recently become a daddy to a beautiful baby boy. Before and after delivery of this little guy Lincoln had to step up and do many things that a first time daddy typically has to do while mom is in and out of the hospital. I cannot begin to thank him enough for the amazing care that he has given Kaiser and Amanda, both. They are truly lucky to have such an amazing daddy and boyfriend. Thank you again!

And lastly, Jessica Prissel is truly an angel. My daughter just had her first baby with many complications, both before and after delivery of her son. Jessica has her own family of 5 children, has a foster child, and works full time. She still found time to be with my daughter. While Amanda was in the hospital Jessica made sure Lincoln and Gary (daddy and grandpa) had everything they needed to care for this newborn while mom was in the hospital. Thank you again, Jessica. There are not enough thanks in the world for you. I love you very much, sister!

Nicole Brantner