Katie Marshall

I would like to nominate Katie Marshall for the Sunshine Award. Trinity moved to Rice Lake to live with me, her mom, full-time and was forced to start a new school only a month and a half into her 4th grade year. She moved from a school district whose population was 481, to getting enrolled in Rice lake school district where the population is 2215. Needless to say she was super nervous and scared her first day! She was assigned to Ms. Marshall’s class at Tainter Elementary. Ms. Marshall has been a blessing in Trinity’s life since day one! She helped make Trinity’s transition to her new school go better than ever expected and she is always going above her responsibilities as a teacher to make sure Trinity and the rest of her classmates understand what is being taught as well as having fun doing it. I never ever thought my daughter would be disappointed over having a snow day because she is always looking forward to another day of being with Ms. Marshall and her friends!

Natasha Schick and Trinity Boulley