Marten Transport Payroll Department

I would like to nominate the Marten Transport Payroll Department for the Sunshine Award. My Co-Workers/Bosses are the absolute best. My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer in 2010. Since then he has had Colon surgery, Liver surgery, 2 different Lung surgeries, chemo, radiation, and on top of it all my own personal health issues. During all of this, I have missed a lot of work with not being in the office but because of this wonderful group of people I have been able to work from home. They have been so supportive and caring to both my husband and myself. To still be able to work and still be at home to care for him has meant so much to us both. The Marten Transport Company advertises that they only hire the Best. They have the BEST in the Payroll Department. I Love them all.

Cindy Andrus