Mayo Clinic Health System Sports Medicine Symposium

Published: Jan. 4, 2019 at 7:38 AM CST
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Friday, Jan. 11th, Mayo Clinic Health System is hosting the 2nd annual Sports Medicine Symposium at the Mayo campus in downtown Eau Claire. The event will feature speakers from Mayo Clinic Health System, Mayo Clinic and the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire – and will focus on a number of topics involving sports-related injuries in athletes. Later in the afternoon, former Minnesota Twins and Milwaukee Brewers player, Corey Koskie, will also be giving a free presentation open to the public and geared toward inspiring young athletes.

Mark McCarthy, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon Mayo Clinic Health System, and Jeff Janot, Ph.D., Chair, Kinesiology Dept. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire sat down with Tyler Mickelson to talk about the event. Their Q&A can be found below.

What is the purpose of an event like this Sports Medicine Symposium?

Attendees from noon to about 3:30 p.m. will be primarily medical professionals, coaches or trainers who work with young athletes. We’ll be discussing topics like performance training and rehab, shoulder-related issues and treatments, discussions on UCL and ACL injuries. Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine is at the forefront of treating these types of injuries and we’re excited to share this information with those who work with, and train, young athletes. We’re excited to partner with UWEC for this event as well.

Dr. Janot, you’re a professor of Kinesiology at UW-EC, Dr. McCarthy is an orthopedic surgeon at Mayo Clinic Health System, you will be doing a joint presentation that day. What is your topic?

Dr. McCarthy and I will focus on overuse injuries in young throwers, discuss pre-season preparation to decrease overuse injuries, in-season drill work preparation to decrease injury, and recommendations for post-season activities to decrease injury.

So if you’re not a coach or trainer – are there events this day geared more for the general public?

Definitely – Around 3:30 in the afternoon, special guest speaker, former Major League Baseball player Corey Koskie, joins us for a free presentation that’s open to the public. Koskie played for the Twins, Brewers and Blue Jays. “The Multisport Athlete and Finding Balance” – helping our youth athletes remain positive while dealing with demands and pressures from coaches, parents and peers. He has inspiring stories to share to help parents and players navigate the world of youth sports. That evening at 7 p.m. Mayo Clinic Health System is sponsoring the men’s hockey game at Hobbs Ice Arena –and will be onsite to hand out free water bottles – so come on out and see us.

• 3:45 p.m. - Corey Koskie – former MLB player (Minnesota Twins, Milwaukee Brewers)

• “The Multisport Athlete and Finding Balance”

• Mayo Clinic Health System Auditorium, 1221 Whipple St., Eau Claire

• Free & open to the public

• 7 p.m. Men’s hockey game

• Hobbs Ice Arena, 915 Menomonie St., Eau Claire

• UWEC vs. St. John’s University

• Sponsored by Mayo Clinic Health System