Michelle and DJ Faber

I would like to give a Sunshine Award to Michelle and DJ Faber for the Sunshine Award. If ANYONE ever needs help, Michelle and DJ will drop whatever they're doing and put you first!
When my husband fell 25 feet from a tree and had shattered ribs, a torn rotator cuff, and internal injuries, they were always here to help! They were mowing our lawn, shopping for things we needed, providing transportation, etc.
I have my own medical problems and when I was not doing well, Michelle knew I wanted to have our children home for Father's Day as we have done every year but I wasn't able to cook a big dinner this particular year. Michelle knew this was upsetting to me and just said not to worry about it, she's got me covered. She delivered two delicious pans of lasagna with salads, dinner rolls, and three pies!
We have an elderly woman in our neighborhood that lives alone and had fallen and laid there until someone found her a couple of days later. Michelle and DJ now pick up her mail and take it to her every day even though they both have full time jobs and three children of their own. They are such wonderful people and always put others ahead of themselves. I really don't know what we'd do without them!! They deserve the Sunshine Award and more! Thank you so much!!

Mandy Phillips