Phil and Vicki Disch

Please give Phil and Vicki Disch the Sunshine Award. Phil and Vicki are the most caring individuals. Not only do they provide excellent care to their own pets, but have shown much compassion towards stray animals by taking them in and providing them with a good home. Compassionate, supportive, hard-working, patient, and honest are just some of the many admirable qualities that they have. Their generosity is shown in so many ways, from randomly paying for a client’s bills, to bringing the staff treats to help us get through a stressful morning. They are always donating to others who are in need, whether it’s known or anonymous. They welcome new staff and try to make them feel comfortable with their new position. They are always giving out compliments and have a positive attitude with a smile on their face to match! When Phil and Vicki walk into Hoof and Paw it is one of the best parts of the day (or week). They are the parents/grandparents that everyone would like to have.
Hoof and Paw Veterinary Clinic