Sharon, Todd, and Sara Nerbonne

Sharon, Todd, and Sara Nerbonne have all gone above and beyond to greatly improve my quality of life. Recently, one of my autoimmune conditions has worsened immensely and I had to have major emergency surgery. My family has been there throughout my recovery. Sharon, my mom, spends all of her time taking care of me and assisting me with tasks day and night. She even makes sure I get some enjoyment out of my days by keeping me company and watching my favorite shows with me. My father, Todd, takes time off work to drive me to out of state doctor appointments and he never complains. My younger sister, Sara, makes sacrifices to come home to complete all of the chores despite her busy college schedule. Their compassion is the true definition of what family is and I feel so grateful to have each one of them in my life. I cannot express my gratitude enough. They deserve to be recognized with the Sunshine Award because they have brought sunshine to this dark time.
Erica Nerbonne