Staff of Marshfield Medcal Center - Eau Claire

It is my great honor to nominate for a Sunshine Award Cheryl Loos and Maurice Ziehr from the Care Management team and all of the nurses and staff from the fourth floor of Marshfield Medical Center in Eau Claire.
My elderly father, who has severe dementia, was hospitalized there in May, 2019. Last winter, due to circumstances beyond our control, my dad, who is from the Eau Claire area, was placed in an assisted living facility 50-60 miles away. He was away from his home, friends, and family. We tried in vain to have him placed closer to home without any success.
As noted earlier, my dad was hospitalized at the Marshfield Medical Center in early May where he received excellent care. The nurses were always kind, helpful, and respectful, not only to my dad, but to my family as well. Not only did the nurses always ask if we needed anything but so did the young ladies from the physical rehab department, the cleaning staff, and of course the Care Management team. It’s obvious that they not only care about their patients but also about the family and the patient’s support system as well.
When my dad was nearing discharge we were told, against my dad’s doctor’s opinion as well as my family’s wishes that he would be returned to the assisted living facility out of the area. However, thanks to Ms. Loos’ and Ms. Ziehr’s hard work and dedication, we were able to place my dad where he needed to be, in a skilled nursing facility less than ten miles from his home. We cannot than them or the Marshfield Medical Center enough for the excellent care they gave my dad, my family, and their willingness to fight for what is best for their patients. They truly deserve to be commended.
Wendy Sturz