UPDATE: Puppies found in garbage doing well, need donations

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MARSHFIELD, Wis. (WSAW) -- The Marshfield Area Pet Shelter needs food and money to help take care of the eight puppies found in the garbage.

"Taking puppies away from their mother when they are only a day or two old greatly reduces their risk of surviving," explained Kaitlin Loberg of the Marshfield Area Pet Shelter.

The puppies were just a day old when they were abandoned outside a home in Marshfield. 56-year-old Robert Wild was arrested the faces charges for mistreatment of animals.

The shelter will care for them for the next few weeks until they are old enough to be adopted. "We aren't accepting applications until April 11 because then they will be six weeks old and they will start to have their personalities. People will have a better idea of what they are like so they can actually meet them and maybe decide on one they want to take home," said Loberg.

For now the puppies are doing well. "They've started opening their eyes and they are starting to walk around they are doing great," said Loberg.

If you would like to make a donation, click here.